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On a cool Friday evening a small group gathered in the Pecan Room of the DeSoto Civic Center for Pleasant Run Poetry Night. This event was the culmination of several weeks of preparation for the Pleasant Run Poetry Write.

The group was present for a celebration of poetry, creativity, and community. The poets present read their poems, and the poems of those not present were read. Marikay Dewberry gave a wonderful history of Pleasant Run in a special poem she had written for the occasion. She shared significant historical facts about DeSoto, including the fact that Abraham Lincoln had spent the night at Nance Farm. Glenn Currier had prepared a PowerPoint presentation with photos taken along Pleasant Run Road and short poems from What is Poetry? by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

The Kroger store very kindly donated refreshments for our celebration and the evening was marked by laughter, a positive spirit and lively conversation. It ended with Glenn Currier announcing the first meeting of a poetry society - to be held in the library 6:30-8pm Tuesday, November 30, 2010. Please see the photos taken of the evenings festivities.

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Photos of Pleasant Run Poetry Night
Program: Pleasant Run Poetry Night
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